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Manufacturing Plant

The chemicals plant is well equipped with reactors, pumps and centrifuges. There is adequate safety control and good manufacturing practices are strictly followed. Balances, digital temperature indicators, pressure / vacuum gauges are calibrated periodically. A team of experienced chemical engineers and technicians manage the manufacturing process right from the first stage to the dispatch of the finished product.

The storage has separate places for storage of raw materials and finished products. All materials are classified, properly labeled and kept in specified allotted places. Finished products are guarantied and kept in separate bonded rooms. A well maintained cooling tower is available in the plant for storing specialty chemicals and finished products.

  • Land 4000 square metre with shed and building.
  • Electric connection LTP- III connection up to 108 HP.
  • Water connection by GIDC supply.
  • Steam boiler 800 kg/hr capacity.
  • Cooling tower of 200 TR capacity.
  • Distillation series of 10KL SS 316 capacity kettle with column 45 ht st. pkg.
  • Distillation series of KL SS cap. Kettle, Dist. Column 25 ft with st. pkg.
  • Glass line reactor 6 kl cap with distillation facility.
  • Water ring vaccum pump - available 680 mm hg.
  • Lab Equip.-G.C. and karlfisher with all related equipment for distillation at site.

Enviroment, Health & Safety

It is the most important commitment of the GAYATRI CHEMSYNTH management team to protect environment and health of employees & society through preventive measures to establish best EHS perform is finance record.

GAYATRI CHEMYNTH is equipped with the following facilities, to achieve its objectives :-


As all rules are made for the person who operate plant and who are expected to present at site means for us so we never tries to infringe standard operational methods.

  • Company has 2,50,000 LTR water storage tank and fire hydrant pipe line through out storage yard and process plant including utility area. Hydrant pump which is submersible lying in the water storage tank is being kept on generator so any time it is available without failure.
  • SMOKING is strictly prohibited inside whole premises of our factory numbers of boards and hording indicating “NO SMOKING” erected at places.
  • Trucks and tankers coming in premises are provided spark arresters before entering in our premises. Match box or any inflammable item are colleted at the security gate.
  • Separate and sufficient earthings are provided for plant storage tanks and utility office loading plateform. All reactors and pipelines are well earthened.
  • Motors used in plant and storage yards are flameproof as per is:2148.
  • Sufficient dry chemical powder and foam type CO2 type fire extinguiushers are the provided as shown in the drawing.
  • All importance contact nos like ambulance/police station /hospital /fire station are written at the emergency gathering point.
  • We have M.S.D.S. of materials being handled by us.
  • First aid box etc primary need always kept available at plant.